Direct School Admission (DSA) Preparation Class

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Direct School Admission (DSA) Preparation Class

Direct School Admission (DSA) Preparation Class
Direct School Admission (DSA) Preparation Class

DSA Preparation Class is developed by experienced instructors at School of Robotics (SOR) to nurture young programmers and creators. Our mission is to thoroughly prepare students for their exciting journey to their dream school through the Direct School Admission Secondary (DSA-Sec) exercise.

About DSA Preparatory Class

Learners will be put through an intense 12-weeks programme to prepare themselves for the DSA interview. This preparatory course serves to refresh and solidify the key concepts for accurate and effective robotics and learn how to present the technical knowledge during an interview. 


Learning Outcome

Through the weeks in the preparatory class, our instructors will guide learners to build up and refresh their programming knowledge and confidence, and to hone their: 

  • Ability to adapt to unpredictability  

  • Advanced construction and programming techniques  

  • Self-discipline and critical thinking 

  • Presentation and research skills to deepen their robotics knowledge 

  • Interview skills and presenting technical knowledge 

  • Critical thinking and solving problems on the spot 

  • Leadership and confidence 


Learning Competence

Over the course of the course learners will be able to: 

  • Produce robotic solutions on the spot 

  • Present their ideas clearly and concisely 

  • Present on advanced programming and construction techniques 

  • Improve presentation skills and stage confidence 

  • Think on their feet and adapt quickly 


Course Information

This preparatory course will begin approximately 2 months prior to the DSA-(Sec) exercise application date. This will provide ample time for applicants and instructors sufficient time to prepare and practice. The course will be segmented into 4 portions: 


Weeks Lessons Objectives
1-4 Advance Programming Techniques 
  • PID Line Tracking  

  • Variables with data operations 

  • Modularity with MyBlocks 

5,6 Advanced Building Techniques 
  • Building Techniques refresher 
7,8 Missions run-through 
  • Surprise mission – Build and program within time limit 

  • Effective mission strategizing techniques 

9,10 Interview Preparation 
  • Interview techniques  

  • Mock Presentation  


On top of writing testimonial of our learners upon completion of the course, School of Robotics (SOR) will assist parents in preparing the necessary documents related to robotics for the DSA-(Sec) application.  


Assessment Specifications

There will be no set robotics assessments for learners in this course as every lesson will be an assessment on their building and programming skills.  For the final mock presentation, students will be assessed according to:  

  • Coherence and clarity of interview  

  • Confidence during presentation of idea 

  • Demonstrating firm understanding and application of robotics techniques  

  • Interview etiquettes.  


The interview assessment serves as a reflection point as well as to help learners improve before their actual interview.  


Lesson Flow

Slides will be used each lesson to help learners visualize the materials and worksheets will be given out to reinforce information retention. Besides presentation practice, every lesson will have missions for the learners to complete to increase lesson’s effectiveness.  


The coursework may vary accordingly to maximise each learner effectiveness in preparation for the actual interview.   

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