Drop-off Service

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Drop-off Service

Drop-off Service
Drop-off Service

Drop-off service is great for parents busily running errands. At School of Robotics (SOR), your child will have the time of his life with us. The only problem you will have, is getting your child to leave once you are done with your errands!  


About Drop-off Service  

By dropping off your child at School of Robotics (SOR), they will have access to our full suite of robotics equipment and technology. They can choose and pick what they wish to do, and how they want to do it. Our centre provide supervision while your child have the opportunity to engage in free-play and self-learning! Our centre provides: 

  • LEGO® Boost with iPad  

  • WeDo 1.0 set + constructions instructions with iPad  

  • EV3 Mindstorms set with Laptop 

  • Laptop for Scratch 3.0 Coding   


Drop-off Service info 

Your child is never too young or too old to be dropped off, so do not hesitate to leave your child with us, the next time you wish to have some peace!  


Drop-Off Service Information  


$5 per 15 minutes  

Recommended Age Group  

4 – 16 years old  

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