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School of Robotics (SOR) was established in 2013 with the sole purpose of providing coding classes and robotics classes for kids in Singapore, and making it accessible to every interested child. We believe that there is more than one way in educating and guiding your children to technological success in the future.

Variety of Courses
Wide array of courses to pick from to suit and develop the interest of robotics and programming in children
Curriculum are designed around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) pedagogy
Progress Tracking
Comprehensive Student
Progress Tracking
Highly Customisable
Classes are customised to better match the learning aptitude of our learners to maximise knowledge retention
Experienced and Passionate Instructors
All our Instructors are MOE-Registered, experienced and passionate about teaching robotics and programming

About Us

At School Of Robotics (SOR), we believe there is a better way to educate the children. Our mission is to help them to achieve the milestone they deserve. At School of Robotics, students are given many opportunities to take part in multiple competitions eg. First LEGO® League (FLL), FLL Junior (FLLjr), National Robotics Competition (NRC) and World Robot Olympiad (WRO). Not only does competitions expose students to new experiences, but also teach them how to overcome challenges and work effectively under pressure.


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